Ryan Prosser, The Prosser Group

The Prosser Group creates intelligent systems for utilities and the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) marketplace through smart controllers, giving utilities a new ability to harmonize existing systems with the smart grid. The Prosser Group’s EV charging systems optimize facility energy management, energy storage and renewable energy assets. This enables Prosser’s commercial partners to reliably charge EVs as demand for EVs grows and the grid becomes increasingly stressed. Half of the world’s petroleum supply has been depleted largely over the past 40 years. The U.S. remains the world’s largest petroleum consumer creating a trade deficit of $380 billion (~60% of the total U.S. trade deficit). With the national economy tied to the volatile global oil market, and the transportation sector comprising 70% of U.S. petroleum consumption, the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles has become critical to our nation’s economy and security. Many experts believe the U.S. could deploy 100 million EVs by 2030 reducing petroleum consumption by 1B barrels and greenhouse gas emissions by 300 million tons of carbon. To unlock the full potential of the existing infrastructure and mitigate problems associated with the influx of electric vehicles, smart grid technologies and approaches must be implemented to manage electrical distribution grids.