C TRADE Philippines

CTRADE USA operating subsidiary in Philippines, uses its proprietary anaerobic digestion technology to construct concrete biogas digesters to produce methane from manure wastes for animal farm owners to:
(1) produce methane-rich biogas for electricity generation,
(2) eliminate waste water discharges,
(3) produce fertilizer for sale and
(4) finance using carbon credits. >> download flyer to learn more….

Manny Pacquiao & Dr. Prabhu Dayal

C TRADE generates electric power for pig and poultry farms in the Philippines using waste methane biogas recovered from manure collected in concrete tanks (anaerobic digesters) that also serve as waste water pollution control systems & produce fertilizer for sale.


  • C TRADE develops carbon credits called Certified Emission Reductions (CER).
  • None of the credits generated were sold, since the CDM system and market value for CERs crashed.
  • However, these green projects are successfully operating generating electricity and organic fertilizer, and reducing carbon emissions, to combat climate change.

Benefits of Biogas to Energy System:
” Develops zero-discharge wastewater management system
” Compliance with local regulations for air pollution and water  and ECC Permits
” Reduce or eliminate odor and groundwater pollution
” Provide employment, generate power and organic fertilizer
” Reduces and finally eliminates wastewater lagoons and ponds

USAID: U.S. Agency for International Development awarded a three-year grant to the Philippine Sanitation Alliance (PSA) in 2007 to implement sanitation and wastewater projects to improve health, environment and economic conditions. USAID resources will be used for educational and training purposes to local farm owners to promote C TRADE Biogas to energy technology with waste water treatment and recycling benefits that avoids contamination of Class I Area lakes and bio diversity resources in addition to providing health benefits to more than 900,000 people in the Philippines. >> download USAID flyer to learn more….

C TRADE provides turnkey services from project conceptualization to design, construction, installation, training, operation and maintenance, for biogas to energy projects.

We have successfully designed, funded, developed, constructed, installed, operated, trained, turnkey waste treatment facilities, using our biogas-to-energy technology, with onsite R&D at  eight large pig & chicken farms in the Philippines. C TRADE Biogas technology is to harness and enhance a naturally occurring process (anaerobic digestion) to process manure and other organic wastes and produce biogas (~65% methane). This technology is a zero discharge waste water treatment system that reuses the water and sludge to make organic fertilizer for sale and provide electricity using biogas generators.

C TRADE Philippines – Converting waste manure to biogas and electricity

C TRADE Philippines, a branch office, of CTRADE USA was in first opened in Makati, Philippines with the assistance of the US Commercial Service to develop of biogas to energy projects at pig and chicken farms. C TRADE expected to maximize its expertise in this sector with over a million pig farms in the country. C TRADE has successfully used its proprietary biogas to energy technology at 8 biogas pig and chicken farms in the Philippines. The design, construction, and development at these 8 project farms, 5 in Batangas and 3 in Cebu were totally funded by Ctrade.

C TRADE Philippines
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