Since our founding in 1998, our mission is to improve health, environment and economic conditions by developing green projects to generate electricity and organic fertilizer, thereby reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change. We have developed various carbon sequestration and renewable energy projects in several countries, (listed below) followed by major investments to develop biogas to energy projects, in the Philippines.

C TRADE uses its proprietary biogas technology to harness and enhance the naturally occurring anaerobic digestion process to convert manure and other organic wastes to produce biogas (~65% methane). This technology is a zero discharge waste-water treatment system that reuses water and sludge to make organic fertilizer for sale and provide electricity using biogas generators. C TRADE provides turnkey services from project conceptualization to design, construction, funding, installation, training, operation, and maintenance, for the biogas to energy projects.

C TRADE expertise includes the practical know how on the CDM process of the Kyoto Protocol works. This includes advisory capacity to large companies, investors and government agencies on the pitfalls of using carbon credits or CERS (Certified Emission Reductions) for funding and the development of a better system in the United States through its directorship at EUEC – USA’s largest energy, utility, environment conference.


Turbocharger installation in Fleet BusesIUEPTaiwan/China2006
Biogas from chicken and pig farm to energyC TRADEPhilippines2006
Hybrid wind-diesel Rural electrificationGEFEritrea2005
Hybrid Wind-Solar Rural ElectrificationUSAEPPhilippines2004
Hybrid Wind-Solar Rural ElectrificationUSAEPSri Lanka2003
5 MW landfill methane gas to energyTENAGAMalaysia2002
Carbon Sequestration by Sustainable ForestryIUEPArgentina2002
Renewable Energy using Microturbine TechnologyUSAIDMaldives/India2001
Forestry Carbon SequestrationIUEP/TEPParaguay2000

USAID: U.S. Agency for International Development awarded a three-year grant to the Philippine Sanitation Alliance (PSA) in 2007 to implement sanitation and wastewater projects to improve health, environment and economic conditions. USAID resources will be used for educational and training purposes to local farm owners to promote C TRADE Biogas to energy technology with waste water treatment and recycling benefits that avoids contamination of Class I Area lakes and bio diversity resources in addition to providing health benefits to more than 900,000 people in the Philippines. >> download USAID flyer to learn more….