We are pleased to provide a short summary, by Track, of the EUEC 2011 program with 650 expert speakers from the energy and environment industry.   You can click on any track to view the session names, the title of each presentation within a given session, the speaker’s name and comment by Blog.  Delegates will be able to attend any session in any of the 12 tracks; with the ability to switch from session to session to hear a particular presentation.

Track A – Clean Air Policy & Legislation

The focus of Track A spans from a big picture Regulatory Update session to a highly focused Permits & Case Studies session.  This track touches on all points of clean air policy as well as EPA legislation.  Sessions include: Regulatory Update, CSR & CAA, NAAQS, NSR/BACT, New Source Review, MACT Policy, Permits & Compliance, Permitting & Siting and Permits & Case Studies.

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Track B – Clean Air Technologies

Track B focuses on clean air technologies for electric utilities.  This track is highly technical as well as highly informative.  Sessions include: CEMS, Power Plant & Boiler Optimization, Monitoring & Reporting, Emission Testing & Monitoring, Opacity & Visibility, Particulate Matter, Advanced Control Technologies, Control Technology Analysis and Modeling.

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Track C – Multi-Pollutant Control

Perhaps the most action packed track this year, Multi-Pollutant Control is likely to draw a large crowd from both industry and government.  Sessions include: Mercury Control Technologies, Activated Carbon, Control Technologies, NAPs/MACT, Mercury / HAPs Policy, Dry Sorbent Injection, Pollutant Measurement and Control & Measurement Systems.

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Track D – Energy & Climate Policy

Energy policy is beginning to be a hot item, affecting congressional measures, industry progress as well as public perception.  This track will show the progress made in the energy sector as well as our climate and energy vulnerabilities.  Come watch speakers propose solutions to these global issues.  Sessions include: US Climate Policy, EPA Climate Legislation, Economic & Energy Security, Climate Policy & Energy Sustainability, Climate International, Energy Policy, Nuclear Power Policy, State & Regional Initiatives and California Climate Initiative.

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Track E – Wind, Solar & EV-PHEV

EUEC speakers present the best and brightest solutions for a renewable energy future.  Spanning from new technologies to siting and development strategies, this track will likely shed new light on these established renewable industries.  Sessions include: PV & CPV Technology, Utility-Scale Solar, Solar Permitting & Feasibility, Solar Projects & Strategies, Wind Development, Wind Technology, Wind Development & Siting and EV-PHEV.

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Track F – Carbon Markets & CCS

This dynamic track will focus not only on carbon markets and the financial leverage they hold, but also carbon capture and storage technologies, strategies and demonstrations.  Sessions include: Kyoto, Finance & Financial Markets, Trading & Offsets, Managing Risk, Carbon Management Systems, CCS – Demonstrations, Economics & Risk, CCS – CO2 Capture, CCS – Technologies and Terrestrial/Geological Sequestration.

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Track G – Corporate GHG Strategies

Learn how to get ahead of the regulatory curve and ensure your corporation is a leader in your industry.  Sessions include: Carbon Footprints, Planning for GHG Regulations, Enterprise & Climate Change Management, GHG Monitoring & Reporting, GHG Reporting Rule, VERs & RECs and GHG Management.

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Track H – Biofuels, Biogas & Biomass

From small to large scale, speakers focus on advancements in bioenergy from both a technical as well as a developmental perspective.  Sessions include: Algae, Biofuels/Ethanol, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biomass, Bioenergy – Case Studies, Cofiring Biomass, Biomas and, Bioenergy.

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Track I – Sustainability & Reliability

From green building initiatives to water sustainability to green products, this track will cover the spectrum of sustainability in industry and the impact on society.  Sessions include: Energy Sustainability, Sustainability Projects, Sustainability – Green, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability, LEED-EB / Green Building, Water Sustainability and Energy Demand Management.

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Track J – Energy Efficiency & Management

Speakers in this diverse track will discuss small to large scale energy efficiency, conservation, storage technologies, management and implementation strategies for a smart grid, renewable energy future.  Sessions include: Community Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Utility and Distributed Scale Efficiency, Heating/Cooling Efficiency, Energy Conservation & Storage, Energy Management, Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency & Society.

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Track K – Renewable Energy

Learn how industry leaders are tackling renewable energy technology, distribution and development problems in this multi-dimensional renewable energy track.  Sessions include: Renewable Energy Policy, Small Scale Renewable & Electric Utilities, Geothermal & Solar Thermal, Regional Strategies, Renewable Development Analysis, Renewable Project Development, IP & New Technology, Fuel Cells and Nuclear & Hydro.

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Track L – Operations & Management

Track L will discuss operations and management strategies for electric utilities and large industry sectors.  Learn how to become not only compliant, but exceed expectations and gain a lead on the competition.  Sessions include: Energy & Environmental Audits, Compliance Technologies & Strategies, EHS, EMIS & Compliance, Gas Switch, Coal, Cogen & CHP, Cybersecurity, ASH/CCR and Landfill Gas & Waste to Energy.

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