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Utility MACT and HAPs

C 6.1  | The Utility MACT Rule: An Industry Perspective Michael  Rossler |  Manager, Environmental Programs, EEI EPA is proceeding with the Utility MACT rulemaking for coal- and oil-based EGUs. The rule is to be proposed by March 16 and finalized November 16. This rule will be unprecedented in its scope and range across a [...]

Energy Sustainability

I1.1  | A Fifteen Year Roadmap Toward Complete Energy Sustainability Andrew Frank |  Professor, University of Calif-Davis Transitioning to a Renewable Energy based Society Without Fossil Fuels in 15 years using The Existing Energy Infrastructure Sterling Watson Principal Investigator and Prof Andrew A. Frank Univ. of CA- Davis The purpose of this paper is to [...]

Emission Testing and Monitoring

Presented in Track B4: EMISSION TESTING & MONITORING at EUEC 2011, January 31 Phoenix, Arizona B4.1  | Update on PM2.5 and Condensable Particulate Matter Emissions Measurement Methods Larry Hottenstein |  Partner, Environmental Resources Management Following the promulgation of the PM2.5 implementation rule, U.S. EPA proposed test methods for the measurement of stack emissions of Particulate [...]

Continous Emission Monitoring (CEMs)

Presented in Track B1: CEMs at EUEC 2011,January 31 Phoenix, Arizona B1.1  | Particulate CEM for wet FGD plant William Averdieck |  Managing Director, PCME Ltd The use of Particulate CEMS after Wet Flue Gas Desulpherisation (FGD) plant has new relevance in North America due to the low levels (typically 1- 5mg/m3 of submicron particulate)and [...]

US Climate Policy

Presented in Track D, at EUEC 2011, January 31, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona   D1.1   The Fight for Climate Action Continues…the Outlook for Alternative Approaches  Linda Whelan, Senior Director, Energy & Environment Policy, Dynegy  Passage of a federal climate bill before 2013 is now unlikely. The emphasis now switches to increasing pressure for GHG reductions [...]

Regulatory Update for Electric Utilities in 2011

A1.1 Air Quality Regulatory Challenges for Power Generators in 2011 John Kinsman, Senior Director Environment, Edison Electric Institute This presentation will address air quality legislative and regulatory challenges for electric power generators in 2011, focusing upon NAAQS, hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gases. . A1.2 Clean Air Act Aback Peter Belmonte, Partner, ERM Now that [...]

EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations for Power Plants & Oil Refineries

On December 23, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a two-year plan to set greenhouse gas emissions standards under the Clean Air Act for power plants and oil refineries. The U.S. EPA is scheduled to issue proposed regulations for power plants by July 26, 2011 and final regulations by May 26, 2012. Gina McCarthy, [...]

The Fight for Climate Action Continues…the Outlook for Alternative Approaches.

Linda Whelan, Dynegy Passage of a federal climate bill before 2013 is now unlikely. The emphasis now switches to increasing pressure for GHG reductions thru other avenues. But these alternatives also face challenges and uncertainties: (1) EPA regulatory efforts. EPA is going full-throttle with its Endangerment Finding, Motor Vehicle Rule, and Tailoring Rule. Next up: [...]

Oh What a Difference A Year Makes: Climate Change Legislation 2009-2010.

Joseph Stanko, Hunton & Williams, LLP The new Democrat House Energy & Commerce Committee leadership, introduced a comprehensive climate change legislation in the Spring of 2009. The Waxman-Markey bill certainly was far-reaching, covering nearly every sector of the economy. Its release triggered a firestorm of activity, and after concessions and compromises, the bill narrowly passed [...]

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