Manny Pacquiao & Dr. Prabhu Dayal

Manny Pacquiao with Dr. Prabhu Dayal collaborating to make electricity in his district converting farm waste to fertilizer & electricity.

What is C TRADE?

Carbon Trade Philippines (CTRADE), Inc. branch of CTrade USA

  • Designs & constructs waste treatement facilities for pig & chicken farm owners
  • Waste water and manure is treated in anaerobic digesters to produce fertilizer, and biogas which runs small electric generators for farm use.
  • C TRADE is not a trader or broker.

Seven (Biogas-to-Electricity) CDM Projects Completed
at Pig/Chicken Farms in Cebu & Batangas, Philippines

  • Host Country Approved CDM projects are under Validation and Certification.
  • Biogas measured using online digital continous FCI flow meters.
  • C TRADE CEBU CDM Project: Welissa Farms, Tayud & Bantayan.
  • C TRADE BATANGAS CDM Project: MataasNaKahoy, Rosario, Lipa..

Dr. Prabhu Dayal,
President C TRADE USA

Skype Phone
: prabhu.dayal
Mobile: + 1-520-904-5058
: + 1-520-615-3535

Benefits to Farm Owners:

- Eliminate odor & pollution

- Compliance with ECC Permits

- Revenue from fertilizer sales

- Revenue from electricity

- Recycled water for cleaning farm

- Reduce 50% water & electricity use

C TRADE Philippines,
7829 Makati Avenue, A.VENUE Suites,

Unit 24H, Makati, 1209 Philippines.