Manny Pacquiao & Dr. Prabhu Dayal

Manny Pacquiao with Dr. Prabhu Dayal collaborating to make electricity in his district converting farm waste to fertilizer & electricity.

What is C TRADE?

Carbon Trade Philippines (CTRADE), Inc. branch of CTrade USA, has designed, developed & constructed, and operated waste treatement facilities using biagas digesters at large pig & chicken farms, and used the biogas generated to operate electric generators. Another bi-product if the waste is generation of organic fertilizer.

  • C Trade has completed seven (Biogas-to-Electricity) CDM Projects under the Kyoto protocol in Cebu and Batangas, Philippines.
  • The 3 projects in Cebu have been certified and validated for CERs (Certified Emission Credits) under CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) of the Kyoto Protocol, generating an average of 45,000 tons of carbon credits per year. The 3 projects are located in Tayud, Mahon ( Bantayan Island) and Kudja in Cebu province, Philippines.
  • Waste water and manure is treated in anaerobic digesters to produce fertilizer, and biogas which runs small electric generators for farm use.
  • C TRADE is not a trader or broker.

at Pig/Chicken Farms in Cebu & Batangas, Philippines

  • C TRADE CEBU CDM Project: Welissa Farms, Tayud & Bantayan.
  • Five Biogas-to-energy projects were completed and operating in Batangas, Philippines
  •  (MataasNaKahoy, Rosario, Lipa)..

Dr. Prabhu Dayal,
President C TRADE USA

Skype Phone
: prabhu.dayal
Mobile: + 1-520-904-5058
: + 1-520-615-3535

Benefits to Farm Owners:- Eliminate odor & pollution

- Compliance with ECC Permits

- Revenue from fertilizer sales

- Revenue from electricity

- Recycled water for cleaning farm

- Reduce 50% water & electricity use

C TRADE Philippines,
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